Born in Jerusalem, 1985.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv-Jaffa


Solo Exhibitions      

2022                          Eye of the Mountain, Almacén gallery, Jaffa. Curator:                                            Yaniv Lachman

2022                          Snake Shall I Become (the 4th hour), Petah Tikva                                                   Museum, Curator: Irena Gordon

2020                          Axis, Dana gallery, Yad Mordechai. Curator: Ravit Harari

2019                           Rehearsal Space (Measuring the Night), The Tel Aviv                                            Artists'  Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Eitan Buganim.                                        Dramaturgy Advisor: Tal Yahas

2016                           Bearing Wall, Basis gallery, Herzliya. Curator: Shlomit                                            Broyer

2013                           Plasteriezed Politic, The Museum for Israeli Art, Ramat                                          Gan. Curator: Ayelet Ashar Cohen


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022                          The 8th Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem Artists' House,                                        Curator: Irit Hadar

2022                          Heavens and Earth, Beita gallery, Jerusalem, Curator:                                          Hagar Raban

2021                           In the future I shall live a great deal in this room, Studio                                      of her own gallery, Jerusalem, Curator: Or Tshuva

2019                           Atעת, Hanina gallery, Tel Aviv. Artist Group Self-curated

2018                           Reading Materials, Kupferman Collection, Lohamei                                              Hagetaot.  Curator: Irit Carmon Popper 

2017                           Behind the Scenes, MOBY - Bat Yam Museums, Ribak                                            Museum. Curator: Miriti Kom

2016                           Color Separation, Basis gallery, Herzliya. Curator: Shlomit                                    Breuer

2015                           First Friday – Afte, Ramat Gan Museum for Israeli Art.                                            Curator: Ayelet Ashar Cohen

Outdoor Sculptures and Art in the Public spear 

2021                           30th International Train Festival, Train Theater. Jerusalem                                   Curator: Dafna Kron

2020                          Hit the Switch 3, Noga Complex, Jaffa, Curator: Meital                                          Manor

2019                           Under the lamp, art festival in Givat Haviva. Curator: Atar                                    Geva



2014 - 2016                MFA, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel-Aviv

2009 - 2012               Professional Diploma, Musrara Art School, Department of                                    Photography, Jerusalem 

2007 - 2008              DNA (Dance New Amsterdam), Dance school, New York


Awards and Grant

2021                           Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport Fund for Emerging                                          Artists grant for the exhibition snake shall I  become (the                                    4th hour)

2021                           Mifal HaPayis greenhouse grant for the exhibition snake                                      shall I  become (the 4th hour)

2020                          Art Lane fund grant for the exhibition Axis

2019                           Young Artist Prize, Ministry of culture 

2019                           Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation grant for the                                                    exhibition Rehearsal Space

2019                           IMLAW - the Insall Milow foundation for contemporary                                          arts

2012                           The Jerusalem Mayor’s Prize for Academic Excellency 

2011                            Excellence scholarship, The Meitar Foundation

2010                           Excellence scholarship, The Meitar Foundation

Michal Sophia Tobiass artist choreographer sculpture
מיכל סופיה טוביאס", אמנית, כוריאוגרפית, מיצב, פיסול, פסלת"