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Michal-Sophia Tobiass

Sculptor, painter, choreographer


Lived and worked in Tel Aviv, until recently

Since July 2023, she has settled in France


Fluent in English, French and Hebrew


2014 - 2016      MFA, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel-Aviv

2009 - 2012      Professional Diploma, Musrara Art School, Department of Photography,                                        Jerusalem

2007 - 2008     DNA (Dance New Amsterdam), Dance school, NY

Solo Exhibitions

2022      Eye of the Mountain, Almacén gallery, Jaffa. Curator: Yaniv Lachman

2022      Snake Shall I Become (the 4th hour), Petah Tikva Museum of Art. Curator: Irena                         Gordon

2020      Axis, Dana gallery, Yad Mordechai. Curator: Ravit Harari

2019      Rehearsal Space, The Tel Aviv Artists' Studios Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Eitan                             Buganim. Advising dramaturg: Tal Yahas

2016      Bearing Wall, Basis Gallery, Herzliya. Curator: Shlomit Broyer

2013      Plasteriezed Politic, The Museum for Israeli Art, Ramat Gan. Curator: Ayelet Hashahar               Cohen


2024      Villa du Lavoir residency program, Entreprise Culturelle, Paris

2023      Villa Arson residency program, Nice

2023      Silvarea@Qicabane residency program, Fontainebleau

2017      B&B residency program, Barbur gallery, Jerusalem

Choreography and Performance

2022      Arm Choreography, two choreographies performed by two dancers. Performed in the                 exhibition Snake Shall I Become (the 4th hour) as a two-channel video. In collaboration               with the dancers Dor Frank and Ortal Atsbaha

2020      Axis, a choreography in honor of the legendary Israeli dancer Rina Schenfeld that took               place in a ceremonial space created within and around the sculptures in the exhibition                 Axis. Performed live on the opening day and screened as a video in the exhibition space.

2019      Measuring the Night, a one-hour performance which was the fruit of a somatic research               conducted in the installation space of the exhibition Rehearsal Space, presented to the                 public in a series of open rehearsals. In collaboration with the dancers Or Ashkenazi,                   Meshi Olinky and Dor Frank. Advising dramaturg: Tal Yahas

2018      Each Body to its Own Matter, a public performance shown on the last day of the                         exhibition Reading Materials, allowing the public to explore their body’s relationship                   with my sculpture Wall No. 2 (Times of Implosion)

2013      À Boire, live performance at the exhibition Le Ventre de la Baleine. Performed by The                 Foreigner Collective, The Container, Jaffa

2012      HICHUI, a dance performance at the opening of the exhibition American Apparel,                     Jerusalem. In collaboration with the dancers Tali Donin and Roni Chadash

2011      Jesus and the Antelopes, a dance performance at the Bacchanalia Nowievent, Bass Club,              Jerusalem. In collaboration with Ram Mizrahi Spinoza and the dancers of The Foreigner             Collective

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023      Serial Process, The New Gallery Artists' Studios, Jerusalem. Curator: Tamar Gispan-                     Greenberg

2022      The 8th Biennale for Drawing, Jerusalem Artists' House. Curator: Irith Hadar

2022      Heavens and Earth, Beita Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Hagar Raban

2021       In the Future I Shall Live a Great Deal in this Room, Studio of Her Own Gallery,                        Jerusalem. Curator: Or Tshuva

2021       30th International Train Festival, Train Theater, Jerusalem. Curator: Dafna Kron

2020      Hit the Switch 3, Noga Complex, Jaffa. Curator: Meital Manor

2019      At†, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv. Artist Group Self-curated

2019      Mobius Ring, Morele Derfler gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem. Curators: Ayala Landow and                 Itzik Harush

2019      Under the Lamp, art festival, Givat Haviva. Curator: Atar Geva

2018      Reading Materials, Kupferman Collection, Lohamei Hagetaot.Curator: Irit Carmon                     Popper

2018      Refugees, The Red House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Hagar Shapira

2017      Free Radicals and Antioxidants, The New gallery, Musrara, Jerusalem. Curator: Dafna                 Ichilov

2017      Behind the Scenes, MOBY - Bat Yam Museums, Ribak Museum. Curator: Miriti Kom

2016      Color Separation, Basis Gallery, Herzliya. Curator: Shlomit Breuer

2015      First Friday – After, Ramat Gan Museum for Israeli Art. Curator: Ayelet Hashahar                     Cohen


Awards and Grants

2023      The French Institute in Israel Support grant for the research at Villa Arson residency                   program

2023      Milkshake project association Support grant for Opening of the mouth (searching for a               pulse) rehearsals in Paris

2022      Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation grant for the exhibition Eye of the Mountain

2021      The Foundation for Independent Creator by the Ministry of Culture and Sports grant                 for the exhibition Snake Shall I Become

2021      Mifal HaPayis greenhouse grant for the exhibition Snake Shall I Become 

2020      Art Lane Fund grant for the exhibition Axis

2019      Young Artist Prize, Ministry of Culture

2019      Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation grant for the exhibition Rehearsal Space

2019      IMLAW - the Insall Milow Foundation for Contemporary Arts grant for the exhibition               Rehearsal Space

2012      The Jerusalem Mayor’s Prize for academic excellence

2011      Excellence scholarship, The Meitar Foundation

2010     Excellence scholarship, The Meitar Foundation

Michal Sophia Tobiass, Wall #2 (times of implosion)_work in progress.jpg

Michal Sophia Tobiass artist choreographer sculpture
מיכל סופיה טוביאס", אמנית, כוריאוגרפית, מיצב, פיסול, פסלת" 

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